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SUPCONF NYC 2016 was held over two days from November 15 - 16 at Digital Ocean in New York City.



November 14

11:30-12:30pm Support Driven NYC Meetup at Westville Hudson
7:00-8:00pm Pre-registration Cupcake Social with Directly
Join us for cupcakes at Digital Ocean HQ the evening before the conference starts. Meet fellow attendees and get pre-registered for the conference.

November 15 - SUPCONF Day 1

9:00 am Registration/Breakfast
9:50 am Opening Remarks
10:00 am Never A Straight Line: Creating A Career In Tech
Opening Keynote With Elizabeth Tobey
Improving Team Performance Talks
10:30 am Casting Support Engineers: Auditioning To Create Your Dream Team
Karen Arnold
11:10 am When And How To Break Up With Abusive Customers
Lance Conzett
11:35 am Flip Or Flop: Knowing When To Invest And How To Repair Your Team
Laura Marciano
12:00 pm Breakout discussions
12:30 pm Lunch
Lightning Talks
12:50 pm How to troubleshoot anything (and generally be more awesome at life)
Matt Dale

How to think about service like a product designer
Peter Shin
Leading as an Introvert
Justin Reist
Surprise! You’re also a salesperson (like it or not)
Karl Pawlewicz
You have been eaten by a grue: Self-service lessons from a 36-year-old text-based adventure game
Kelly O'Brien

Working with Data Talks
2:00pm Predicting Your Team’s Capacity And Preventing Burnout
Justin Grenier
2:25 pm Seeing RED: Designing The Agent Experience With Data
Beth Halel Trame
3:05 pm Connecting Customer Support And Revenue: Bridging The Gap With Data
Graham Murphy
3:30 pm Breakout discussions
4:00 - 6:00 pm Mixer
4:30 pm Support Driven GIF Battle, sponsored by CloudApp, GetGuru, FullStory, and Mevo
6:00 - 7:00 pm Yoga with Mercer
6:30 pm Dinner & Conversation with Kustomer

November 16 - SUPCONF Day 2

9:00 am Breakfast
Changing The Conversation Around Support Talks
10:00 am Growing Pains: Why Support Quality Scales Up.. Or Slides Down
Mat Patterson
10:25 am Step Away From The Screen: The Value of Meeting Customers In Person
Margot da Cunha
11:05 am From Transactions To Partnerships
Chris Hardie
11:30 pm Breakout discussions
12:00 pm Lunch
12:20 pm Support Ops Live Show
Owning Your Career Talks
1:30pm Clearing The Path: Career Tracks In Customer Support
Emily Triplett Lentz
1:55 pm Where To Next? Tips For Evaluating Potential Growth Opportunities
Camille Acey
2:35 pm Rocking Your Seat At The Big Table
Rob Bailey
3:00 pm Breakout discussions
3:30 Feeling Smug: Building A Career At One Company
Closing Keynote With Ben MacAskill
4:30 pm Closing Remarks

November 17





Can I watch the talk videos online?

Sure, they're available on Vimeo. For non-attendees, they cost $50 to watch.