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SUPCONF Spring 2017

SUPCONF Spring 2017 is March 20-21 at ImpactHub Seattle.


About SUPCONF Spring 2017


We are using wristbands as a way to signal that you’re open for a chat, as well as make it safe to say “I’m busy” or “I need a few moments to myself.”

We’d like to give you the control to turn “on” or “off” from conversations – as you see fit or feel ready. This is sort of like muting the world away in Slack, and taking a few moments to be heads down. By giving you more control over social interactions, we hope you’ll be more comfortable connecting to other folks during the event.

These wristbands have two sides. You can turn your wristband to yellow for “let’s chat!” When you need a break, you can turn it to black for “I need a few moments to myself, please.”

You can pick up a wristband when you first arrive at the event, and read more about this idea here.

Dinner Meetups

A big part of SUPCONF is building relationships with fellow attendees and dinner is a fantastic opportunity to do so. To make that easy, we'll bring together like minded attendees and help you find a small group (3-4 people) to explore dining options in the area. We’ll be doing dinner meetups on Sunday, March 19th for the folks coming to the conference early (around 7pm, after the happy hour), Monday, March 20th on the first night of the conference, and Tuesday, March 21 for the people that are staying after the conference is over.

Recharge/Work/1:1 Connections Time

1:1 Connections

Chances are there will someone at the conference who has been where you are now, or who are working through the challenges you are facing right now.

To help folks make these connections, we asked when you registered your SUPCONF ticket if you’d like to be a part of the 1:1 connections.

For folks where there is a good conversation match, we will pair you up for a chat after lunch on either Monday or Tuesday during the conference.

Don’t worry - we’ll notify you via email prior to the conference to let you know if your topic has been matched, as well as which day you’ll be doing your connection.

Recharge/Work Time

This time post lunch is also set aside for a bit of recharging - however you do this best.

Perhaps it is a few quiet moments to yourself, a chat with a fellow attendee, a walk outside, or spending some time clearing tickets. You can use this time after lunch to take care of you.

Support Origin Stories

The theme for SUPCONF 2017 is all about relationships. An important relationship is the one between you and your fellow SUPCONF attendees.

To aid in these introductions, we’ve created Support Origin Stories – or stories about how fellow attendees ended up in Customer Support. Take a moment to meet someone new, and learn about some ways to strike up a conversation with this person while at SUPCONF.


March 19

5:00 - 7:00 Happy Hour with Solvvy
Meet fellow attendees the evening before the conference starts. Flatstick Pub, 240 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104.

Please RSVP here.

March 20 - SUPCONF Day 1

9:00 Registration/Breakfast
9:50 Opening Remarks
10:00 From 12 to 2,000: Navigating relationships post acquisition
Jake Bartlett - Atlassian StatusPage
10:25 Building a Support Community (or how I turned out to be an accidental networking genius)
Lisa Hunt - Moz
10:50 Speaker Breakout Sessions
11:20 Learning & Managing with Peer Reviews
Mike Stone - BetterCloud
Why Liberal Arts Majors Make the Best Support Agents
Jessie Squires - Illuminate Education
11:35 Break
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Boundaries and Burnout
Giovanna Allegretti - Soomo Learning
1:55 Perfecting your hiring process by applying your values
Micah Bennett - Zapier
2:20 Speaker Breakout Sessions
2:50 Are You a Robot? Staying Human in an Artificial World
Peter Shin - Olark
Swipe Right For the Perfect Job
Kendall Burke - Acuity Scheduling
3:05 Break
3:30 - 6:00 Mixer
7:00 Kustomer Birds of a Feather Dinner
Topics of discussion will center around scaling support and integrating different systems. Seating limited, so please RSVP.

March 21 - SUPCONF Day 2

9:00 Doors Open
10:00 We Thought it Would Never Happen to Us: How to Maintain Your Team Culture when Shit Hits the Fan
Erin McCaul - Moz
10:25 Supporting The Experts
Anna Nagy - Travis CI
10:50 Speaker Breakout Sessions
11:20 Being a Social Person in a Remote World: How does one cope?
Kallen Bakas - Illuminate Education
Moving from Australia to San Francisco
Darren Lee - Intercom
11:35 Break
12:00 Lunch
1:30 When Face to Face isn’t an Option: Approaching Conflict in a Remote Work Setting
Kimberly Bringas - Olark
1:55 Product Support Networking
Katherine Shaw Abbott and Anthony Di Feo - Shopify
2:20 Speaker Breakout Sessions
2:50 Oh, the Humanity!
Alison Groves - HighRise
I've Done All The Dumb Things
Mat Patterson - Help Scout
3:05 Break
3:20 Leading Your Peers
Anna Brozek - Big Cartel
3:50 - 4:00 Closing Remarks
5:00-8:00 Intercom Meetup
Old Stove Brewing Company: 1525 1st Ave #16, Seattle, WA 98101.

Please RSVP here.

Some Of The Companies Attending

Acuity Scheduling Deskette Help Scout Netlify Soomo Learning
Athos DigitalOcean Highrise NurseGrid SurveyGizmo
Atlassian StatusPage Dovico Hushmail Olark
Automattic EventMobi Ice Edge Business Solutions Patreon The Omni Group
Basecamp Figma Illuminate Education PrecisionLender The Yeomen
BetterCloud Fracture Intercom Procore Technologies Travis CI
Big Cartel FullStory Litmus Softare Recruiterbox Unbounce
CBT Nuggets GigSalad MailChimp SeatGeek Vend
Chefsteps GitHub moovel Seed Vox Media
Celebration! Cinema CloudApp healthfinch Moz Wistia
Zapier Chute Spikeball Shopify Papertrail
OhmConnect Merchant Advance Capital Zendesk AtmosFX Engagio Food Revolution Network Salsify WebConnex
Optimizely Swing Education Kustomer





Level Up


ImpactHub Seattle
220 Second Ave South
Seattle WA 98104


Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Pioneer Square
612 2nd Avenue
Seattle WA 98104

If you'd like to stay with other folks from the conference, we worked with Marriott to put together a deal for you - it's $151/night ($199 on Expedia), you can book the hotel here.

We've asked for a limited number of nights, so book soon before we hit the limit!

If you'd like additional nights before/after the event at the same rate, get in touch with Chelsea ( to set it up.


Things to know at SUPCONF

How do I get from the airport to the venue?

  • You can take a taxi, Lyft, or Uber
  • Public Transit!

Link Light Rail runs directly from the airport to many places in the city, including a stop just a couple blocks from the hotel mentioned above! Follow the signs for Link Light Rail to get to the platform from the Airport - it's just a short walk. You'll want to get on the train toward University of Washington. The stop at the above mentioned hotel (and near the venue) is Pioneer Square Station.

How to Ride:

You can either buy a single ticket with cash/card, or you can purchase an Orca Card and load it with cash or a pass. The Orca Card is $5.00 to purchase, and you can reload at any pay station. If you're going to be in town for a few days and plan on taking public transit, getting an Orca Card is going to make your life a lot easier, since they work on all the busses, too. Info about the card system can be found here.

  • If you bought an Orca Card, tap it on one of the yellow card readers before you get on the train. If you just bought a single ticket, you can just get on the train.
  • When you get off at your stop, tap your card again. Just think of the Clapper Song, and remember to "Tap On, Tap Off."

Do you like to take pictures?

We ❤️ pictures too! Share your pictures on Instagram with the #SUPCONF tag.

I’m leaving for the airport right after SUPCONF ends, can I bring my luggage?

Yup! We’ll set aside space for you to store your luggage. You should keep your valuables near you though as we will not dedicate anyone to babysit your luggage.

Things to do in Seattle

What are some things to do and eat near the venue?

UPS Waterfall Garden park is near, and is a pretty neat private park. Salumi is amazing for sandwiches - prepare to stand in line and get yours to go. (Eat it at Waterfall Garden Park!)

You can take a tour of Seattle's Underground, visit the Seattle Pinball Museum or go to Smith Tower which has an observation deck to check out a view of the city.


Lots of really good coffee nearby. No, really, Seattle is pretty serious about coffee.
Espresso Vivace has some of the best beans around, if you're looking to take some home!

Other things you might want to do or see if you have a bit more time:

Pop into #zlocal-seattle and ask them about their favorite bars and restaurants.

I want to do stuff Monday and Tuesday after the conference

YAY! We want you to come hang out with us!

Dinner Meetups are a great way to find new friends and enjoy some food together.

Pincrawl is a thing that is happening Tuesday evening sometime. If you like pinball, are curious about pinball or just want to come hang out, you should! Ask @fool, @md, or @snack in slack about it!